Project(s) updates

Over the past couple weeks I have been hard at work writing and designing characters for my upcoming graphic novel with Arcana. Benjamin and the Fish is still in production and should be available, at least digitally, by summer.

Below is a photo of the cover art for my one-shot with Viper Comics which should be available very soon!

Image © 2012 Alex Schumacher
Characters © 2012 Viper Comics



Welcome to my new website! On this site you will be able to:

  1. Find updates about upcoming projects and works in progress
  2. View samples of my artwork
  3. Hire me for commissions and/or sequential work

…and so much more! My old blog will remain online as there are 6 years worth of archives there to peruse. However, all future posts, updates on new projects, etc. will be found right here!

Thanks for checking it out!