Comic pages, sketch book page and something completely different

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. day everyone! Forever let the reverend’s words inspire, move and impact us all.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic 2013 so far! I myself have been quite productive and in the next week will have an opportunity to pursue a lifelong dream of mine…more on that later though.

For today I want to share some new artwork as it’s been some time. Check out these 2 new pages of Benjamin and the Fish art, a drawing from my sketchbook that kept barking in my brain one night until I actually sketched him and a new colored piece which may or may not have something to do with the aforementioned dream.

Drifting_pg3_s2 Drifting_pg4_s2




Bring it on 2013!

I hope everyone out there had a wonderful 2012, a celebratory New Years Eve and are looking forward to all of the possibilities that lay ahead in 2013!

Speaking of which, Benjamin and the Fish will be roaring back into productivity with new artwork and stories to be posted soon on both our Facebook page and website. My project with I’m A Geek entertainment, Don’t Mess With Texas, is also currently in production and will be out this year as well as the “Girls of I’m A Geek” pin-up book. Additionally there are a couple creator-owned projects in the works, one with my buddy and writer extraordinaire CW Cooke and one which hopefully will be pitched as an animated show though for now I will keep tight-lipped on the details.

The awesome Mike Milo, storyboard artist for Nickelodeon, recently interviewed me for Animation Insider the site with “Interviews about Animators by Animators”. Check it out here:

Thanks and be on the lookout for more news, art and updates coming your way soon!