New page from a new(ish) project

This is actually from a project my collaborator and buddy C.W. Cooke and I have been working on for some time. Now we’re starting to make it happen. Yes, it’s about a musician but it’s what we do with/to that musician that’s going to knock your socks off! Stay tuned and enjoy this 1 page preview:

Page 1_trim_2


Winter Dreams

The past few weeks have been hectic and exciting here at the ole’ studio. I’ve been designing characters and writing scripts for a very secret project that I am not at liberty to discuss as of yet. However, if all goes well this project will absolutely prove to be one of the peaks in my career thus far! I was actually in La-La land last weekend at a fancy-shmancy meeting concerning the aforementioned project with some folks who are in an industry I’ve longed to be a part of since I was very young. These folks may actually help me realize that dream…

I will also be the guest artist in the upcoming issue of my friend, and fellow cartoonist, Bridgett Spicer’s ‘zine Art-O-Rama! Here is the description of the ‘zine from the website: “Art-o-rama is a 12 page art zine that is stuffed with reproduced original art, mini comics, photos, guest artists, odd poems and silly ideas. It is based on The Art-o-Rama art group in my daily comic, Squid Row (there’s even some tie-in’s to the comic strip).”  It’s quite an honor to be asked to contribute and be sure to subscribe to the ‘zine here: Afterward, go check out Bridgett’s daily comic Squid Row at: The theme of the current issue is “Winter Dreams” and, because my mind works in ridiculous ways, this is the piece I produced. Enjoy!

Winter Dreams 1_s2