June rundown madness!

Wow, folks it has been a helluva couple months! Here’s a recap/update on what’s been happening:

The Unemployment Adventures of Aqualung was released by Arcana and will very shortly appear in the July issue of Previews (code JUL130783 if you’re a vendor looking to purchase the book or fan looking to order from your local shop)! There will be a signing at this years San Diego Comic Con and I will post more info here as it is available.

– I completed a 22 page one-shot bio-comic for Bluewater Productions which I still have to keep under wraps until it’s released but here is another page preview:

Page_22_web– Work continues on the absolutely awesome creator-owned book from my good buddy and insanely talented writer CW Cooke (cover and Page 1 below):



– Writer extraordinaire, and buddy of mine, Adam Wilson and I continue to search for a home for the whacky adventures of Benjamin and the Mr. Fish. We may be searching outside of the direct market to place these collected volumes of adventurous tales, short stories and games…

– Work also continues on the extremely fun alien battle comic DMWT for I’m a Geek Entertainment (images coming soon…)!

– Last but not least there are some HUGE things in the works for me involving the animation biz, however I must remain tight lipped on that for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to share some awesomeness with y’all in the next few months! Hope everyone is having an incredible summer so far!

All images © 2013 Alex Schumacher