The World’s Crummiest Umbrella giveaway and more!

The World’s Crummiest Umbrella 5th Anniversary

The World's Crummiest Umbrella 5th Anniversary

My first picture book, The World’s Crummiest Umbrella, was published in August of 2014 by Wandering in the Words Press. This little tale depicting a particularly poignant event has received several humbling reviews.

The World’s Crummiest Umbrella is a touching story that will delight both parents and children. I highly recommend picking up a copy. – Beach Bound Books

This is a good read. It has a great message in it and you may even catch yourself saying “yep, that was me that one time.” – Storytime Books

In celebration of its 5th anniversary, I will be auctioning off 2 pieces of original art produced for the book. 1 piece of art will be awarded to someone who purchased the book prior to September 1st, 2019, and 1 will go to someone who purchases the book between now and November 30th, 2019!

To enter, simply send a proof of purchase to:

Decades Of (in)Experience

The more keen-eyed observer of my weekly webcomic Decades of (in)Experience may have noticed a slight diversion in artistic stylings over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, I sprained the thumb of my drawing hand whilst on vacation in Hawaii. Yes, I know, boo-fucking-hoo. Regardless, I was in need of some assistance and found just the reinforcements I required in cartoonist pals Jacob Rafael Estrada, Kurt Belcher, and Betsy Streeter. Some teasers follow, but to read the full episodes visit the archive of apathy here.

Alex Schumacher Decades of (in)Experience

Alex Schumacher Webcomics

Betsy Streeter Cartoons

New Interview – Constructing Comics

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Matt Kund of Constructing Comics to chat about recent projects, and possibly tease at an upcoming work-in-progress. What could said projects possibly be and how do I sound on the rare occasions I am 100% sober? The answers can only be found by listening to the interview here on the Constructing Comics SoundCloud site. Thank you again to Matt for being gracious enough to endure an entire conversation!

Mr. Butterchips Fundraiser

As announced previously, the personalized limited edition prints (pictured below) will be available for $10 (+ S&H). A cameo appearance in one of my upcoming comics can be secured with a donation of $40! All proceeds (minus S&H) will be divided amongst RAICES, PLANNED PARENTHOOD, and the ACLU. Please visit my shop to purchase a print and/or message me if interested in a comic cameo.

Join me in supporting humanitarian and progressive organizations. Thank you!

Mr Butterchips Webcomic Print

You can also pick up a print if you attend any of my limited public appearances, such as Blue Moon Comics on Saturday, September 14th where I will be taking part in the 3rd annual Marin Comics Fest. If you happen to be in Marin County, come on by and bring a friend (or 13)!

Until next time.

-Alex Schumacher