Every so often I am invited and/or volunteer to produce articles for comics/creative websites. Below are two of the most recent entries.

On 11/30/2018 I penned my response to Erik “Savage Dragon” Larsen’s thread from earlier in the year opining that “there are very, very few outstanding talents out there who aren’t already working” and “if you’re GOOD—you WILL get work.”

His ensuing social media thread was a reckless admonition casting aside the expansive list of components which contribute to the success of an artist, suggesting that talent alone will always win the day. In essence, the statement posits that if you never get your “big break” it’s simply due to your lack of talent, as opposed to the multitudes of other factors working against you at any given time.

The full article can be read here.


Aaron Iara invited me in February of 2019 to write the kick-off article for his series on sincerity in art. Not one independent creator was spared the criticism of producing dishonest work, a past faux pas readily admitted by yours truly as well.

Too many times I’ve seen artists, myself included, adjust to what they believed their intended profession sought only to watch their efforts come crashing down around them. More often than not it’s because these facsimile ventures reveal their true identities as disingenuous products.

The full article can be read here.