Benjamin and the Fish (2011, 215Ink/2016, Read Furiously)

Adventure is just around the corner… Or sometimes behind the bookshelf.

Writer Adam Wilson and artist Alex Schumacher brought this book to life in 2011 revolving around the adventures of Benjamin the lovable little ferret with the heart of gold, and his loyal companion, Mr. Fish. From the wild ocean under the sink, to the magical kingdom behind the bookself, these two adventurers discover all the exciting worlds hidden where you’d least expect them.

Originally published in a small run by 215Ink, the book was acquired and rereleased by Read Furiously in 2016. Packaged for a new audience, our heroes were placed in a completely interactive comic book! Readers can color the pages themselves, draw their own comic strips, and try their hands at some of the fun puzzles and games to help our Benjamin and Mr. Fish on their journey.

Pick up a copy for the child, or child-at-heart, in your life on the Read Furiously website.

The Unemployment Adventures of Aqualung (2013, Arcana Studios)

aq coverCreated by Ben Fontana in 2007 and sold to Arcana Studios, this book was shelved until 2012 when writer/artist Alex Schumacher and writer Scott Tamanaha were hired to complete the Original Graphic Novel.

For over seventy-five years, Agent Aqualung has defended the country from supernatural forces as part of the 88, a covert branch of the Department of Defense. A pink slip and a sealed letter sends shock waves through the covert initiative – they are being permanently dismantled due to budget cuts. Collecting his severance, a new identity, suit, and fake resume, and a small orange tree (which holds the soul of St. Germain, his only friend), Aqualung must adjust to a life in the real world. His first task? Finding gainful employment, of course! With the world against him, or at least a trail of old enemies, Aqualung must navigate through unemployment, dating, oh, and evil plots from ancient gods and their flunkies. The real question is, can he stop them before his unemployment benefits run out?

The book earned some favorable reviews from Comic Bastards and Vanishing Point Chronicles, as well as an Indy Preview nod and a special appearance at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con.

The World’s Crummiest Umbrella (2014, Wandering in the Words Press)

Cover-webThe World’s Crummiest Umbrella is a children’s picture book written and illustrated by Alex Schumacher and published by Wandering in the Words Press.

Once there was a boy who received the world’s crummiest umbrella. It was a gift from his mother, and he couldn’t believe she would do this to him. The umbrella was huge, multicolored and had a heart on a spring that popped out of the top. Ugh! The boy knows he’ll be the laughing stock of the entire school.But the boy soon learns that some gifts, even crummy ones, are not what they seem to be.

Called “…a touching story that will delight both parents and children” (Beach Bound Books), The World’s Crummiest Umbrella is a great addition to any families book collection! Get yours on Amazon today!


Defiling the Literati (2017)

Self-published in 2017 with the assistance of McLain MacGuire studio, Defiling the Literati compiles a smattering of Alex’s graphic narrative offerings rife with social and political commentary.

Inside this collection are comic short stories and illustrations created between 2016-2017 for online literary magazines such as Drunk Monkeys, FIVE 2 ONE: An Art and Literary Journal, Literary Orphans, The Round Up Zine, and more! Thrill at the Where Are They Now? parody involving obsolete technology. Chill during the episode depicting a diminutive Donald Drumpf as a (failed) “superhero”. There is no shortage of humorous opining regarding the state of the world these days from a borderline misanthrope cartoonist! The book also includes a most gracious foreword by Drunk Monkeys founding editor, Matthew Guerruckey.

Though the book may soon be available via online retailer, for the time being you can get your grubby mitts on a personalized copy of this treasured collection directly from the creator by visiting Alex’s shop.

OTHER WORKS (Illustrator credits only):

Red Carpet Rats (2011, Viper Comic) – One Shot

One & Done Anthology: Ebb and Flow (2012, InvestComics) – Anthology

The Moon vs The Sun (2012, Cosmic Ray Gun) – Picture Book

Fame: Tom Daley (2013, Bluewater Productions) – One Shot Bio-Comic

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