Decades of (in)Experience

While not strictly a traditional comic to begin with, this illustrated narrative follows the weekly antics of Luke Carlin, a thirty-something who hasn’t quite figured it out. Like a lot of us he lives on the paycheck-to-paycheck merry-go-round, numbing his emotions and trying not to think about the mess that is his own existence. Currently barreling through its 3rd year, the feature shifted formats slightly to become that of a more conventional comic strip/webcomic.  A new Decades of (in)Experience is published every Friday, brought to your eye-holes by Antix Press.

Rave reviews for Decades of (in)Experience:

Bleeding Cool

Effective Nerd

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Mr. Butterchips

The comic strip Mr. Butterchips appears monthly in the Drunk Monkeys literary magazine. The series recounts the titular (and cuddly) curmudgeon’s pursuit of love and happiness as he rails against the madness and mundanity of everyday life. What started as an homage to underground comix of the 60’s and 70’s featuring the weathered organ grinder monkey quickly morphed into a mouthpiece for political and social commentary amidst the turbulent cultural landscape of 2016.

Find sample pages in the PORTFOLIO section and dive into the archives here.