Decades of (in)Experience

A new Decades of (in)Experience was published every Friday, from October 2015 – January 2021 by Antix Press.

Decades of (in)Experience Webcomic

While not strictly a traditional comic to begin with, this illustrated narrative follows the weekly antics of Luke Carlin, a thirty-something who hasn’t quite figured it out. Like a lot of us, he lives on the paycheck-to-paycheck merry-go-round, numbing his emotions and trying not to think about the mess that is his own existence. The feature shifted formats slightly in its third year of publication to become that of a more conventional comic page. 

A collection is currently in the works, but Decades of (in)Experience years 1-4 are still available for FREE for a limited time. Comic Fury hosts years 1 & 2, while years 3 & 4 can be perused on the archive of apathy!


Schumacher isn’t afraid to tackle tough issues, forcing his character into uncomfortable situations.

– Lauren Sisselman, Bleeding Cool

Schumacher’s writing is poetic. Every line packs a punch. The dry wit paired with brutal introspection leave Luke with a personality of optimistic hopelessness.

– Aaron Iara, Effective Nerd

All of this visual competence is the polish on the presentation of the disarranged dishevelment that is Luke’s life.

– Dexter Buschetelli, Multiversity Comics