Defiling the Literati (2017, Self-Published)

Self-published in 2017 with the assistance of McLain MacGuire studio, Defiling the Literati compiles a smattering of Alex’s graphic narrative offerings rife with social and political commentary.

Inside this collection are comic short stories and illustrations created between 2016-2017 for online literary magazines such as Drunk Monkeys, FIVE 2 ONE: An Art and Literary Journal, Literary Orphans, The Round Up Zine, and more! Thrill at the Where Are They Now? parody involving obsolete technology. Chill during the episode depicting a diminutive Donald Drumpf as a (failed) “superhero”. There is no shortage of humorous opining regarding the state of the world these days from a borderline misanthrope cartoonist! The book also includes a most gracious foreword by Drunk Monkeys founding editor, Matthew Guerruckey.

Though the book may soon be available via online retailer, for the time being you can get your grubby mitts on a personalized copy of this treasured collection directly from the creator by visiting Alex’s shop.


This book doesn’t hold back any punches. It offers brilliant commentary on the current political and social climate of the world. Schumacher’s humor is dry, poignant, and smart.

Bleeding Cool

The content of the stories is surrounded with Schumacher’s absurdist sense of humor and powerful dialogue… This collection is as fun to read as it is to think about.

For the Love of Indie

Schumacher’s cartoons are straightforward, unmissable, and powerful.

The Comic Book Yeti

It’s always welcome to see a comic like this, where current events are addressed with some skill and a message.

Optical Sloth

In Alex Schumacher’s Defiling The Literati, the prolific cartoonist collects some of his best work and redefines a genre.

Graphic Policy