Oy Gevalt!

OY GEVALT! (\ ˈȯi-gə-ˈvält \): Oh, violence! (“Oh, G-d!”, “What a world!”) — used to express irritation, dismay, sorrow, or self-pity.

This brand new editorial single-panel cartoon was brought to life in an effort to accurately reflect the humor and experience of the Jewish community’s ever-changing culture. OY GEVALT! will be an ongoing socio-political feature tackling the issues impacting Jews of all denominations around the world today including, but not limited to, anti-Semitism, cultural identity, adapting to the modern age, et al.

OY GEVALT! will provide an additionally diverse perspective to any publication as the content is accessible for not only the modern Jew, but anyone interested in educating themselves regarding our culture, traditions, and beloved faith.

Should you be interested in adding OY GEVALT! to your newspaper, magazine, website, etc., contact me (Alex) at alexschumacherart@gmail.com. OY GEVALT! is available in black & white or color, on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

OY GEVALT! has appeared in the following fine publications:
San Diego Jewish Journal