Final Cover Art (B & W)

Below is the final art, sans color, for my book with Viper Comics to be released late spring/early summer. Details to follow…

Next is a picture I snapped of a page of original art I sent to my editor as a thank you.

Other project updates/news:

  • Well into the art (about 1/4 of the way) and story written for the Arcana Studios graphic novel with friend and writer  Scott Tamanaha working on the script.
  • “Benjamin and the Fish” Volume 1 from 215 Ink to be released digitally by mid-summer and in print in August.
  • Sketch cards in Alterna Originals trading cards to be available fall of 2o12.
  • Signed by I’m A Geek entertainment for upcoming mini-series project which is about all I can say about that for now…

I believe that’s about everything for now…more on the horizon so stay tuned!



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