Update 3/12/13

The past few months I have dedicated my creative energy almost solely toward developing animation pitches and children’s books. As of late, however, I have been diving head first back into creating comics.

Work continues on the alien invasion book “Don’t Mess with Texas” from I’m A Geek Entertainment as well as the upcoming OGN series by CW Cooke and myself (see previous post for preview art). I, along with co-conspirator Adam Wilson, am also in the process of finding a new home for Benjamin and the Fish as our current publisher has decided to transition to an all digital format. Most recently I have been hired by Bluewater Productions to deliver artwork for one of their upcoming biography comics due out in the fall, though I can’t say who the subject is as of yet. More news to follow but for now I’m headed back to the drawing board.

Never stop chasing the dream.

Chase the Dream


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