February round-up

Hello all! My recent (and ongoing) neglect of this here blog has not been in vain. There has been so much going on and as I hurry up to wait for news on the animation front, I thought I’d run down the list of other projects currently happening.

First is my upcoming picture book to be published by the wonderful folks at Wandering in the Words Press. I am nearly done with all final artwork and the book itself should be out some time in the spring. I will keep everyone posted here on release dates but don’t throw a fit like this kid, I promise the wait will soon be over…


Next up is my contribution to Betsy Streeter’s Neptune Road. As described by the creator, it is a comic about “people (misfits, hackers, criminals, lost children…) who are living on Neptune. The sunlight and air are borrowed, the planet’s core is unstable at best, and Earth thinks Neptune is a place to send anything it doesn’t want – living or not.” Catch up on the first 4 chapters at Perihelion Science Fiction before mine is released next month. Here’s a teaser from my chapter:

nr 5 page 1

My good buddy and writer extraordinaire, C.W. Cooke and I may just have some great news soon regarding our creator-owned crazy-train-of-a-comic The Guitarist. Seems that recently there is some publisher interest, though we have a few kinks to work out before pursuing this particular avenue. It’s still exciting and I can speak for both of us when I say this has been a story we’ve wanted to tell for some time! Details to follow but hold on to your hats when this bad boy is unleashed! (I also designed the logo for C.W.’s new book Solitary coming soon from Devil’s Due Publishing)

Cover_2There are a couple other really fun things happening right now which I hope to be able to talk about soon, including news and/or updates on the animated series front. Until then I hope everyone is having a productive and wild 2014!

As always, feel free to contact me via the email on my contact page to ask questions, inquire about hiring me for a project or just to say hi!


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