Spring cleaning!

Howdy folks! Hope everyone is well. Been a little over a month since I’ve updated so I wanted to give a good overview of what the haps are currently. Recently my grandfather who I was very close with passed away which understandably put me a bit behind. Rest assured there is a lot going on and in the works!

First off is the creator owned project from my good buddy and writer extraordinaire C.W. Cooke and I which we hope to have out and in your hot little hands just as soon as humanly possible. Of course, we’ll be looking for a publisher so if there’s any out there in internet land reading and interested in an original OGN series that will knock your bobby sox off feel free to holler. Other wise we have a few in mind. This little beauty debuted at Planet Comic-Con a few weeks ago:

Postcard_Vertical front

If there is any interest in an additional run of these collectors postcards being printed feel free to let me know via email address provided on the contact page.

I’ve also recently resurrected a creator-owned book I began writing and drawing a few years back which stopped abruptly. I’m not sure exactly why as it’s a pretty groovy idea. Recently I found an amazing colorist in Dee Cunniffe (DC, Marvel, IDW, Archaia) and production began again. As not to divulge too much I will state only that it is a book about the never-ending battle against supernatural forces from taking over our world. Here’s a sample page with colors by Dee:


Aside from that I am still at work on “Don’t Mess with Texas” for I’m A Geek Entertainment and a bio-comic for Bluewater Productions as well as a project which is being developed to pitch as an animated series, however I can’t share anything about that property. Well, not yet anyway…

Hope everyone’s having a great Earth Day!