Final Cover Art (B & W)

Below is the final art, sans color, for my book with Viper Comics to be released late spring/early summer. Details to follow…

Next is a picture I snapped of a page of original art I sent to my editor as a thank you.

Other project updates/news:

  • Well into the art (about 1/4 of the way) and story written for the Arcana Studios graphic novel with friend and writer¬† Scott Tamanaha working on the script.
  • “Benjamin and the Fish” Volume 1 from 215 Ink to be released digitally by mid-summer and in print in August.
  • Sketch cards in Alterna Originals trading cards to be available fall of 2o12.
  • Signed by I’m A Geek entertainment for upcoming mini-series project which is about all I can say about that for now…

I believe that’s about everything for now…more on the horizon so stay tuned!



Taking a break

In between working on projects I decided to do a quick sketch of this guy. Who is he? All I’ll say for now is he’s part of an idea for a one shot (or possible graphic novel). Until then, enjoy!

This weekend I’ll be heading to Anaheim for this years Wondercon. Anyone else going??

Designs, rough illos and a picture worth a word or two

Happy Monday folks! Today I just wanted to take a moment to share some character designs for my upcoming graphic novel with Arcana and a rough illustration from a new all-ages prose book which will be released digitally through Viper.

Who are they? For that you will have to wait for the GN to be released…

Today I also wanted to post a picture of a doll made by the very talented Terry Uchida of Mr. Fish, the beloved stuffed companion from Benjamin and the Fish. This will very possibly become an actual line of toys in the future…

All Images © 2012 Alex Schumacher