Appearances and updates

Hey folks…lots going on here so I apologize for the lack of updates.

First off, a couple of appearances for next month. On October 6th I’ll be participating in the Salinas Artober celebration and will be drawing for interested parties and selling my wares out of my good friend and fellow cartoonist Bridgett Spicer’s studio. Information can be found here or read the flyer posted below (also created by Bridgett):

On October 13th I’ll be conducting a workshop on networking in the industry at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco. Details on that event (and other workshops) can be found here.

Though this post is sorely lacking in new artwork, there will be plenty posted in the near future including a couple of creator-owned projects, my mini-series with I’m A Geek Entertainment and insight into a slightly new (albeit revisited) direction I’ll be taking. Just a hint: it will contain art but it ain’t comics…


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